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Your support of Hopkins School is instrumental in enabling our faculty and students to innovate, thrive, and meet new challenges head on. Read on to learn more about the impact of your generosity. 

Thank you.

A Report from the President and Head of School


It is our honor and pleasure to share with you our Hopkins 2020-2021 Annual Report on Philanthropy. This past year was one of incredible growth and transformation. The resilience of our learning community and the unwavering support of Hopkins alumni, parents/guardians, grandparents, faculty and friends enabled us to achieve our educational and institutional goals, in addition to creating exciting new opportunities. Thanks to you, we were able to meet all challenges head on, and have never been stronger as a school. 


This report demonstrates the culture of philanthropy that has defined Hopkins for centuries. Our endowment in Fiscal Year 2021 rose by $26.2 million. We set a new record for gifts to the Hopkins Fund, as well as a new record in alumni giving, with nine decades represented. More than 600 loyal donors have made gifts to Hopkins for at least five consecutive years, with a significant number of those having given to Hopkins every year for more than a quarter century.


This commitment and generosity was felt in every aspect of Hopkins life. Thanks to your support, in 2020-2021, we were able to offer financial aid to a growing number of students and to increase the dollar amount of our average financial aid award. We fully adapted our campus to remote technology to accommodate a hybrid learning model and provided guidance, training, and support to enable faculty and students to thrive in a new educational landscape. Gifts to the Hopkins Fund provided support for equipment and technology upgrades, special programs, faculty professional development, and financial aid. We were able to rise to the occasion, meet our goals, and provide a vibrant educational experience.


We now enter our 362nd year prepared to inspire and educate, excited to carry on our shared purpose of providing the best possible education to deserving students in an environment that fosters their intellectual and personal growth. Thank you for partnering with us in our mission. 

Kai Bynum, Head of School

Vincent A. Calarco P ’93, ’96, President, Hopkins Committee of Trustees



A Report from the Treasurer


Hopkins finished its 361st academic year in a strong financial position. On June 30, 2021, the school's endowment reached a record $168.3 million. Hopkins has continued to increase the amount of financial aid provided, improve the safety and appearance of its physical plant, and invest in its excellent faculty.


The Hopkins endowment investment portfolio posted a return of 20.4% for the year ending June 30, 2021. The investment objective of the endowment fund is to preserve purchasing power while providing a continuing and stable funding source to support the current and future mission of Hopkins School.  The goal is to minimize the extreme highs and lows and to achieve returns across a wide range of economic and market environments by implementing an allocation that is diversified across asset classes and active strategies. The Hopkins endowment has achieved strong results over time, with a 7.9% annualized return over the last 10 years and a 8.0% annualized return over the last 20 years.


Hopkins has significantly increased financial aid resources so that the barrier of cost can be lowered for the best and brightest regardless of financial circumstances. In the year ended June 30, 2021, a record $5.1 million was provided in financial aid to 170 students. 


As we set our sights to 2022, we look forward to prudently directing and growing Hopkins' human, financial, and physical capital.  The Committee of Trustees is committed to balancing the competing interests of the school's current and future needs. The generosity of the Hopkins community makes this all possible. 

Niall Ferguson '92

Treasurer, Hopkins Committee of Trustees


Financial Overview

“My message to the Hopkins community is that whether you realize it or not, Hopkins made you stewards of our society, and it’s important that together we help those who need it most with the gift of a Hopkins education. We all need to do this for future generations, and the time is now.”

— David ’81

2020–2021 OVERVIEW



Total Enrollment

Average Class Size

Students Supported by Financial Aid

Tuition per Student


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Total Gifts & Pledges to All Funds

Gifts to the Hopkins Fund

Gifts & Pledges to Capital & Endowment





"We want to help preserve and increase the already high standards and excellent reputation, resulting in strong self-reliant and kind students, equipped with the tools to succeed academically and socially."

— Namuk, P'22

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